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John Eye to Produce Next Gene Dante Album

John Eye has been working with Gene Dante in the studio on his next record. Taking a page right out of Velvet Goldmine the two easily embody Maxwell Demon and Kurt Wilde, and the result is sure to melt a few hearts… and panties.

Ride Video Released!

The new video for the John Eye song Ride has been released on thanksgiving day 2011. Directed by Herschel Smith Jr. from Green Imaging, the video was created as visual candy to accompany the trip-hop song Ride. It stars Eenae Tam as two separate characters “searching for herself” while John observes unnoticed.  The song Ride is from the album Cannonicus 3.14 and is available for purchase on this site, iTunes, and CD Baby.

Special thanks to Stop Staring for providing that awesome red dress!; Seevon for doing the make up and styling; and Pam for costume design.

We all hope you enjoy our latest creative effort.

‘Ride’ Music Video in Final Stages of Completion

We’ve had some long days and nights filming in September, but the music video for ‘Ride’ is now in it’s final stages of editing and I will be releasing it some time this month. We had a great time filming, but if I don’t  have to ride around on route 93 again for a while that will be ok with me!  What was supposed to be a  two day shoot ended up being a three day/night shoot.  I would like to give an early thanks to Herschel Smith Jr, Lauren Healey, and Mike Couto for coming in from RI and staying until the wee hours of the morning, and Seevon Chau for doing a great job with the make up for Eenae and me and staying til the end of the production.  Eenae thanks for playing two of you. If it were real, I’m not quite sure what I’d do with myself!

From what I’ve seen so far, the video is coming together spectacularly. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

still shot from the Ride video

New Sun Dance Video

Newly released:  a video for my version of a Native American Sun Dance song. Instruments and vocals by John Eye.

Growing up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts I was very intrigued by local Eastern Woodland Native American history and culture.  I was born into  the oldest original standing home in the United States (built between 1640 and 1670), and my parents fascination with colonial history led me to the history of the Indigenous cultures.

I guess the rigid cultural codes of the puritans just didn’t resonate for me, but the idea of living on a river, running around barefoot and barely clothed, building dug out canoes, and tree bark covered homes was paradise.  I wiggled my way into working for the Wampanoag Indigenous Program, first volunteering, then hiring on full time when I was fourteen.

My days were spent carving bowls and spoons, or stone working while sitting on a river watching the fires hollow out dug out canoes and listening to Darrel and Star sing traditional songs.  It really was a perfectly simple and fulfilling time.  Looking back now I can’t believe how lucky I was to have that experience.

All my friends were Wampanoag, Mic Mac, Cherokee, Nipmuc, Osage, Sioux, and the irony was that I was bringing them home into a house that was built by puritans.  More  strange was that it was one of the only structures in the area that was not burned to the ground during King Phillips war in 1676.

If the Wampanoag had burned that house down in 1676, my parents would have never ended up living there, and I would not have lived in such close proximity to a wealth of indigenous culture.  I would not have learned the  traditional songs, nor had the melodies burned into my memory only to surface years later when I began my career as a musician.

I recorded the Sun Dance song as a tribute to a teacher of mine from those years on the river.  He was a great Wampanoag leader, and just his presence in my life influenced me greatly, and changed my perspectives about the world as a whole.  I wanted to record an Eastern song, but couldn’t find one that had the emotion I was looking for, so I settled on the Sun Dance.  Even though the song’s origins are Western, I hope it serves as an appropriate tribute to my teacher, and a thank you to the Wampanoags for not burning down the house I eventually grew up in.  With the experience and knowledge I  gained as a result of that benevolence, perhaps one day I can return the favor.

Many Eastern Woodland songs have never been recorded.  Hopefully someday that will change before they are lost forever.

Dave Tree Prints New Legacy T-Shirts for John Eye

Thanks to Dave Tree and his silk screening talents we now have the John Eye Legacy t-shirts available in the merchandise store. The design comes on super comfortable American Apparel cotton shirts in both guys and girls styles with a plain front and the logo in white ink on the back.  Dave was awesome to work with on getting this done and turned it around in record time, so if you have shirts or other items to have silk screened I highly suggest you look him up at

John Eye Legacy T-Shirt Design

One Of Us t-Shirts Available in the Store

For all you fans who have been with me for a while, and like to show that you’ve been “in the know” since the beginning, there are now two One Of Us shirt designs available in the John Eye Merchandise Store.

These two designs, “Stab Your Friends” and “Blood is a Lubricant” will be available until inventory runs out.  They will not be reprinted, so this is your last opportunity to own one of these shirts designed by Josh Fraser.

One Of Us - Stab Your Friends t-Shirt designed by Joshua Fraser  One Of Us - Blood is a Lubricant t-Shirt designed by Joshua Fraser

John Eye Merchandise Page Now Up & Running

It took us a little while to decide on the right eCommerce module to use (Google Checkout), but we finally have an online store for John Eye merchandise.

Featured in the store at this time is the Cannonicus 3.14 Grindhouse art print poster designed by Herschel Smith Jr. the director of the Cannonicus Sun Dance video. These prints are limited edition, produced on thick archival quality stock, hand signed and numbered in series by John Eye. There were only 110 printed just the other day, and already we are down to 97 left.

Also in the store you will soon find new T-shirts, and within the next two weeks some of the rare remaining designs from the one of us series.  Keep your eyes on the store to see what designs pop up.

Cannonicus 3.14 Review By Aiding & Abetting

I suppose this could be something of a remix album, as many of the titles reference “Cannonicus.” It could also be taken as a grand extension of the whole variations on a theme idea. I dunno. Either way, the music is utterly inspiring.

Seemingly drawing from almost the entirety of the electronic canon, Eye has created a set of exceedingly accessible and danceable tracks. There’s plenty of aggression as well. So if you happen to be like me and prefer a little contact on the dance floor, we’re covered.

Not many folks can experiment as much as Eye does and keep their sound right in the sweet spot. These songs travel far afield and do some crazy things, and yet they always end up utterly satisfying.

If nothing else, this trip through electronic, noise and industrial sounds is a most entertaining history lesson. The whole is even more compelling than each extraordinary part, which is one reason I’m so impressed. Thrilling.

– J. Worley, Aiding & Abetting



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Radio Mailing of Cannonicus 3.14

Myself and the team from <H1 Massive> have printed, packaged, labeled, stamped, stickered, and mailed the Cannonicus 3.14 CD to our listing of college, and limited commercial radio stations.  In three weeks the label will begin the process of convincing said stations to add one of the songs to their playlist.  Personally I am hoping for the song Ride which is my favorite, and the style in which I am currently writing the next album.  If you haven’t heard it, check out the song Ride here. (First track)

Currently I am planning to shoot a video for this song with the director Herschel Smith Jr. who shot the Cannonicus Sun Dance video.

But back to the mailing… One of the stations recommended decorating the package, as the more interesting ones were more likely to be opened and listened to first.  So here is what I came up with for decoration with some watercolors and a sharpie.


2010 funniest Moment

I think the funniest moment I had in 2010 was during the shooting of the Cannonicus Sun Dance video when we were doing the burial scene. It was last February, and we had found the perfect location that would look remote, but be easy to get some wide angle shots while we dug the grave. The location was a wide open area of hills probably 60,000 square meters of space. We set up the date for the shoot and scheduled all the actors and crew…. and of course it snowed the night before.

We decided to go forward with the shoot anyway since most of the snow was melting, so we pack up the gear, the dead body-dummy (Slim) and head out to the location. When we get there we realize that there are families with their children sledding on some of the hills about 1000 meters from where we want to shoot, and they can see everything we are going to do.

So now picture, you are out with your family sledding on a nice Saturday morning and all of a sudden three guys drive up in a Jaguar, pull a “body” wrapped in plastic and duct tape out of the trunk, carry it across a field, dig a grave and bury it right in front of you….

It was so funny to watch them peering out at us with concerned expressions on their faces. Luckily nobody called the police. I guess the fact that we were doing this in one of the most Mafia populated cities on the east coast of the US might have convinced them to mind their own business… LOL, and the fact that there was a camera crew following us.

After we shot the scene, we dug the body back up, and Nick (one of the thugs in the scene) dragged it by one foot sliding up down the hills back to the car. Regular people go to the store and buy a sled to go sledding… we just use the closest dead body to ride down the hill. :)

(link to video directed by Herschel Smith Jr. The burial scene is at 2:40)